There are many settings in the Surveyor application which need to be managed for successful imaging.

Sometimes desireable settings can be lost or reset, particularly in multi-user environments, or in situations where hardware fails to communicate and perhaps the software is reconfigured incorrectly.

It is possible to save the application settings to a single file which can then be safely kept and used to restore the system to a known state in event of a problem. It is recommended that a settings backup is taken when the user is satisfied that the system is configured correctly.

To do this:

  • Close Surveyor application.

  • Close any other applications connected to the Oasis driver, eg. Leica LAS or Oasis Controller Application.

  • Open the OIBackup utility (Start menu > Programs > Objective Imaging > OIBackup.

  • Select Create New Backup...

  • Continue with default item selections, or customize as required.

  • Click Next >>

  • The program will prompt you to save the settings file to disk.

Similarly, to restore a settings file first ensure no software is running and then select the Restore From Backup... option in the OIBackup utility.