Upgrade Assistance

Typically a Surveyor scanning system remains intact and unmodified after the initial installation. This is due to the complexity of configuring such systems, where the correct setup of hardware elements such as microscope, stage, focus and camera, as well as software such as drivers and Oasis/Surveyor calibrations, are all key items in the successful operation of the complete scanning system.

Surveyor scanning systems are installed onsite by the systems integrator or distributor from whom the system was purchased, and these organizations have the specialist knowledge required for your particular combination of hardware and software. For these reasons, Objective Imaging does not advise end-users to perform configuration or reinstallation of scanning systems.

Therefore please contact your original systems integrator or distributor for direct assistance in reinstalling your Surveyor scanning system.

However in some cases this is not possible, and end-users may wish to obtain support from Objective Imaging. Please be aware that Objective Imaging charges a fee for support in such instances and you can obtain further details by emailing support@objectiveimaging.com to discuss your requirements.

Reinstallation Process

Some end-users may choose to perform reinstallation without support, and a general overview of the process is outlined below. This is intended to guide users and is not a comprehensive set of instructions.

Please be aware that Objective Imaging accepts no liability for problems/damages that may occur during this process. End-users accept all liability for the reinstallation procedure.

  1. Perform settings backup for Oasis and Surveyor software before any changes are made. Follow the steps outlined here: https://objectiveimaging.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/9000071917-settings-backup-restore
    These settings will be restored after the software is reinstalled. Be aware that other third-party items such as microscope comms port may be configured separately as per manufacturer software, and the end-user is responsible for backup of these settings.

  2. Perform complete PC image backup, which can be restored in event of a problem. Discuss your requirements with your onsite IT support staff to ensure this is fully recoverable.

  3. Download the necessary Objective Imaging installations from the website downloads page: http://www.objectiveimaging.com/download/software.php
    This would typically be the Oasis and Surveyor installers.

  4. Download the third-party camera driver versions as used on your current system, or if unsure you may consider the camera drivers for your hardware listed below. It is important to ensure you have drivers which are compatible with Surveyor as well as the intended operating system. Please contact the relevant manufacturer for further details.

    QCam Legacy driver version (x86 & x64)
    DFCTwain version 7.7.1
    ProgRes CapturePro version
    Allied Vision    
    GigE version 1.26
    LuCam series version 6.8.2, INFINITY series version 6.5.6
    FlyCapture version
    DCAM-API v15.10.4787

  5. Download third-party microscope drivers as used on your current system. Many scanning systems do not control the microscope directly and these drivers may not be necessary. For those systems where microscope control is used, some drivers are listed below. It is the end-user's responsibility to ensure they are familiar with the installation process and compatibility with new operating systems, including legacy serial driver support. Please contact the relevant manufacturer for further details.

    Leica AHM drivers via LAS suite version 4.5
    Leica (legacy)
    Leica DM SDK version 4.2.1 http://www.objectiveimaging.com/download/files/sdk421.zip
    BX series (must be installed to C: drive root) ftp://oi_public:public9*@ftp.objectiveimaging.com/Olympus/BX2.zip
    Nikon Mic SDK v1.2.1.94

  6. Obtain any remaining third-party drivers as used on your current system (e.g. filter changers, lamp/LED control etc).

  7. Once ready, perform the Windows OS upgrade and confirm the Windows installation is fully operational including correct motherboard drivers etc.

  8. Reinstall each item of third-party hardware for the scanning system. Confirm each item of third-party hardware is fully functional using the manufacturer's software before proceeding further.

  9. Install Oasis software and confirm stage/focus hardware is operational.

  10. Install Surveyor software, selecting appropriate camera driver during installation.

  11. Reinstall Objective Imaging settings backup as per step 1.